At Brown Plus, we understand that the process of transitioning leadership within an organization can pose notable difficulties. Our goal is to provide our clients with succession planning services that ensure a smooth transition of leadership and critical roles within an organization. Our succession planning services provide organizations with numerous benefits, including business continuity, risk mitigation, leadership development and improved overall performance.

What Succession Planning Services Do We Provide?

Succession planning services encompass a range of offerings to assist organizations in identifying and developing potential leaders, as well as ensure a smooth leadership transition. Brown Plus offers the following services to our clients:

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Building Succession Plans

We will help you answer the question of what you want to happen to your organization. Do you want to pass it on to the next generation? Do you want to pass it down to a trusted employee? Do you want to sell the organization? Depending on the answer, Brown Plus will curate a plan that best fits your needs.

Strategizing Succession

Our professionals will help identify the best succession strategy for organizations based on the objectives they have in mind.

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Identifying Successors

We will work with your organization to review the talent pool and assess individual readiness, not only based on individual leadership, but also cultural compatibility.

Individual Development Plans

We will create personalized development plans for high-potential successors that outline specific steps and training opportunities to help individuals reach their full potential.

What Are The Benefits of Succession Planning for Organizations?

Succession planning allows opportunities for leadership development at various levels within the organization and positively impacts overall organizational performance. Brown Plus will work with clients to assist with a smooth leadership transition so organizations can maintain strategic direction, operational efficiency and employee morale. Our professionals break succession planning down into three phases:

  1. Assessment Phase: We identify significant business challenges that might arise in the next one to five years and critical positions that will be needed to support the growth of the organization. This phase also identifies success factors like competencies, skills and institutional knowledge.
  2. Evaluation Phase: In this phase, our professionals consider high potential employees and choose the skills required for individuals to thrive in certain roles and effectively address specific business challenges.
  3. Development Phase: In the last phase, we capture the knowledge that individuals carry and implement a focused career development plan to cultivate skilled professionals ready to assume key roles.
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Why Choose Brown Plus?

Brown Plus is committed to providing the best quality of service to our clients. We will work closely with organizations to build, strategize and establish a succession plan that is unique to their long-term goals. These plans outline specific steps to have capable successors in place that can be filled promptly, minimizing any negative impacts on business operations.

Our Family-Owned Business team consists of professionals that are Certified Exit Plan Advisors (CEPAs), who specialize in advising business owners on how to sell or transition their organization successfully. Our professionals are also active members of the Exit Planning Institute (EPI), which keeps us informed on the latest trends and educational opportunities on succession planning. Brown Plus is passionate about helping organizations ensure their continued success with succession planning.

To learn more about how Brown Plus can help your organization with succession planning services, contact us today!

Our Locations

Brown Plus provides services nationwide with a concentration of clients in the Mid-Atlantic region. Our offices are located throughout Pennsylvania and Maryland.