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We know that starting off in your professional career can be daunting. You want to work for an organization that values its team members and creates opportunities for you to grow both your career and professional network. We have a number of programs designed to help all our team members starting off their careers in accounting.

Starting Your Career at Brown Plus

Are you graduating college and searching for a position at a public accounting firm? At our Firm, we believe in providing resources and an environment for professional growth to our new team members. Through initiatives like our Brown Plus Emerging Professionals and our Plan to Pass for the CPA Exam programs, we give team members just starting in the accounting profession as much support as they need to take their careers to whatever level they choose. 

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When I graduated college, I knew I wanted to work in public accounting, and I decided to come and work at Brown Plus because of the culture of the Firm. From interns to principals, the team members at Brown Plus are very friendly and easy to work with. Being one of the Best Places to Work in PA year after year, it is true that Brown Plus truly cares about its employees. My favorite thing about working at Brown Plus is working with the different professionals in the firm to help people achieve extraordinary outcomes. Everyone is always willing to answer any questions and help you become a better professional. Our culture at Brown Plus is truly what defines our Firm, and it is enjoyable to work for an organization that cares about its employees.

Alan Ennis, CPA, MBA

Tax Supervisor

I interned with Brown Plus for a year before I graduated college and started working full-time. My internship experience with Brown Plus was beyond what I thought it would be and I could not be happier with the way things went. My favorite part of the intern experience is the buddy system that is set up for the tax team. I am introverted by nature, and the buddy system allowed me to know that, until I met others, I had at least one person I could go to with any type of question. The buddy system also allowed me to build friendships and feel comfortable in what I was doing. Outside of that, all the people I work with are incredibly nice, it is a relaxed and accommodating work environment and people are considerate of the load that everyone carries. I have grown personally and professionally at Brown Plus as I have become more comfortable using my resources and asking questions, creating connections and communicating with clients. I am grateful for the internship experience I have had and look forward to starting full-time.

Jenna Dean

Tax Senior Associate

I came to Brown Plus initially as an intern in 2018 and had a very good experience, leading me to start my career here. The supervisors and managers always provide a flexible work environment and are fully understanding about life outside of work. My favorite part about working at Brown Plus is that the team members have trust in each other to complete their work. This creates a positive, team-oriented environment.

Erik Peachey, CPA

Audit Supervisor

I started with Brown Plus three years ago as an intern with the tax team. My internship introduced me to impactful mentors and helped me to find what I wanted to do with my career. The tax team treated me as their peer and helped me to grow professionally. Team members from senior associates to principals were willing to take the time to explain tax concepts to me and discuss my professional future. Brown Plus stands out among other firms solely through its culture. Individuals at every level truly care for their coworkers and consistently recognize their importance to the entire team. I couldn’t be happier to grow my career with the Brown Plus team!

Madisyn Deller

Tax Associate

I started out with Brown Plus as an intern in the summer of 2020. From the start, I was trusted with the same level of client work as first-year associates. With this hands-on experience, the Firm gave me a true understanding of what it’s like to work in public accounting. Since starting full-time, I have been supported by my peers and leaders to learn technically and navigate the working world. Also, I have enjoyed all the perks that the Firm has to offer, including a flexible work schedule, paid community service days and Firm-sponsored events. Brown Plus has truly given me the opportunity to grow, learn and develop, both personally and professionally.

Nate Bashore, CPA

Audit Senior Associate

I started as an intern with the for-profit audit team in the fall of my senior year. My internship was more than just a graduation requirement; it was an opportunity to experience the job I would be working after graduation firsthand. Though I was an intern, I was still treated just like a staff accountant and put on jobs that gave me hands-on experience that contributed to the clients’ engagements. My coworkers would happily answer my questions, taking the time to explain concepts or give me little tips to help me learn and perform better. I’m so grateful for the internship program that Brown Plus offers and excited to learn and grow with such a great team!

Margaret Geraci, CPA

Audit Senior Associate

Brown Plus On Campus

Throughout the year, the Brown Plus recruiting team visits numerous colleges and universities in Pennsylvania and Maryland. We will update our listing of on-campus events below and hope to see you when we stop by your campus.

A large group of Brown Plus team members in casual clothing at a recruitment event
Two women sitting at the corner of a large table in front of a sky scraper window

Find the Right Path: Exploring Accounting for High School and College Students

We know that students need more exposure to accounting as a successful field of study in order to get more students to enroll, as well as create a more diverse profession. The Find the Right Path two-part video series educates high school and college students on the accounting profession, educational careers and the ins and outs of a career in accounting.

View the Find the Right Path: Accounting Webinar series and learn more about the accounting field today!