Brown Schultz Sheridan & Fritz Announces Name Change to Brown Plus, Effective January 1st

Brown Schultz Sheridan & Fritz Announces Name Change to Brown Plus, Effective January 1st

Regional accounting and advisory firm, Brown Schultz Sheridan & Fritz (BSSF), announced that it will be changing its name to Brown Plus, effective January 1, 2024.

The name Brown Plus was chosen to represent the Firm’s current and future state. “Brown” honors the roots of the Firm’s founding in 1990 and speaks to the core audit and tax services the Firm provides, while “Plus” represents the advisory services that the Firm continues to grow to meet the demands of professional services needed in the region, including HR consulting, talent acquisition services, Chief Financial Officer (CFO) consulting and outsourced accounting services.

“One of the catalysts for changing the name is that we wanted the Firm’s name to reflect who we are today. If I were to describe that, it would be a Firm that continues to provide the reliable services we have always been known for, while growing to meet the needs of our clients with value-added advisory services,” said Ken Wolfe, President and Managing Principal at BSSF. “We’re not the same Firm that we were 33 years ago, but the core of who we are has not changed.”

The name Brown Plus was decided upon after a period of research that involved meeting with team members, clients and community organizations close to the Firm to provide feedback that was integral to the development of the new brand.

The Firm was founded in 1990 as Brown Schultz Snyder Mutzel & Plesic, eventually becoming Brown Schultz Sheridan & Fritz in 1998. The Firm has grown from its original one-office location in Wormleysburg, Pennsylvania, to now having approximately 140 team members across five offices in Pennsylvania and Maryland, serving clients in 44 states.

BSSF Valuation & Litigation Consulting, LLC, an entity of BSSF that provides business valuations and litigation support services, will be changing its name to Brown Plus Transitions.

The new firm branding and website is expected to be unveiled in January of 2024.

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