Now Available: 2022-2023 Tax Planning Guide

Now Available: 2022-2023 Tax Planning Guide

Do your tax planning strategies need a refresh? With new tax law changes already enacted in 2022, and more changes potentially on the horizon, we know you most likely have questions about tax planning this year. To maximize your savings, you need to be familiar with the changes and how you may need to adjust your tax planning strategies. 

Our Tax Planning Guide will help you navigate and learn about important tax law changes and ways to minimize your income tax liability. As you look through the guide, please note the strategies and tax law provisions that may apply to your situation or that you would like to know more about. 

To view the tax guide, please click here: BSSF 2022-2023 Tax Planning Guide* 

If you have any questions regarding the latest tax law developments and tax-reduction strategies, please contact your BSSF advisor

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