Navigating conflicts, particularly those involving financial matters, is never straightforward. The choice of the right financial advisor, who also possesses a keen understanding of legal intricacies, can significantly impact a case’s outcome. Brown Plus Transitions understands that attorneys rely on a strategic mindset through credible findings in business litigation matters. We provide litigation support services that encompass a range of specialized assistance to attorneys and clients throughout various stages of the litigation process. From the initial stages of discovery to the ultimate decision, Brown Plus Transitions values compassionate honesty which means that we feel it is our responsibility to communicate candidly and constructively while maintaining dignity. We accomplish this by standing beside clients and attorneys every step of the way by offering impartial support.

What Litigation Support Services Do We Provide?

Our professionals are experienced in providing litigation support services in a variety of scenarios, including divorce cases and business disputes. We can provide support with these types of cases by providing:

  • Business Valuations
  • Calculations of Income Available for Support
  • Analysis/Rebuttal of Opposing Expert Reports
  • Assistance Preparing for Arbitration or Mediation
  • Assistance with Drafting Discovery Request Questions for Depositions of Opposing Experts
  • Consultation on Financial Aspects of Case Strategy
  • Expert Witness Testimony
  • Trial Preparation and Courtroom Presentation

What is Our Experience with Collaborative Law Practice?

Our team of professionals have training on the collaborative law process, which allows them to work as a financial neutral on collaborative law cases. Unlike litigation cases where divorce disputes are settled in open court hearings and trials, a collaborative case is settled outside of the court. This means the process and outcome is controlled by the divorcees instead of a judge. A collaborative case tends to be a more private process since discussions and negotiation details are kept between spouses and their professional team without becoming public record. The parties agree to use one financial professional to help with issues related to spousal and child support, business valuation and equitable distribution rather than each person hiring their own expert, which helps to save on financial resources. Our professionals can guide clients through informed financial decisions throughout the collaborative process.

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Why Choose Brown Plus Transitions?

Recognizing the vital role of aligning our analysis with case evidence, we work closely with clients and their legal teams, leaving no stone unturned. This entails meticulous attention to detail throughout discovery, depositions and document review. In documenting our conclusions, we tailor deliverables to suit the unique requirements of each case, ranging from settlement discussion schedules to detailed reports and exhibits for trial submission. Our litigation specialists have the essential credentials, necessary skills and decades of experience to assist attorneys and clients in legal matters. We have a team of professionals who have obtained credentials as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and Certified Valuator and Analyst (CVA). Our qualified professionals understand that every case is different and work earnestly to become our clients’ trusted advisor.

Brown Plus Transitions is a member of the Financial Consulting Group (FCG), a national network of recognized business valuation and litigation support specialists in North America. This membership allows our professionals to stay up to date on the latest trends in the industry as well as continuing to grow their knowledge with educational opportunities to continue to serve our clients with the best quality of service.

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Our Locations

Brown Plus provides services nationwide with a concentration of clients in the Mid-Atlantic region. Our offices are located throughout Pennsylvania and Maryland.